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Khaleej Times - January 26 - 2019 

About my experience meeting Maharani Gayatri Devi, visiting Royal Palaces in Jaipur and a little about Royalty style and what gems meant to them. 

Deepali Sawlani Jaipur Trip Indian Royalty Jewels & Maharani Gayatri Devi



Jewellery World – October 5 - 2015

“When it comes to high end, fashion-­stopping pieces it’s about creating jewellery that celebrates the natural beauty and innate allure of each gem, instead of pigeonholing a beautiful stone into a pre-­existing design.”




Fashion Weekly – 28 September – 2015

 "Her designs bridge the gap between fashion-forward luxury and timeless classics. Each piece holds its own admirable signature that will inspire the wearer time and time again."


Jeweller Magazine – 1 November 2015 

“The discerning diamond buyer only really cares about the colour grade on the GIA report and the cutting dimensions,” Sawlani says.



 Friday Magazine – Gulf News 16th March 2006 - Pearls of Wisdom


Friday Magazine – Gulf News 9th March 2006 - The Uncut Story

 Friday Mag pg 1 Deepali Sawlani

 Gulf News Tabloid, Dubai – 13th Dec 2004

 Deepali Sawlani's first press release Gulf News Tabloid

 Khaleej Times, Dubai – 25th July 2007


Deepali Sawlani Khaleej Times


Emirates Today, Dubai - 22 Dec 2005



Jewellery Pursuer, UK - 30th November 2017 -Deepali Sawlani Fine Jewellery - A statement of self expression

"Is it a passion or an enthusiasm that makes us follow our dreams and change of career or another one is a disappointment?
 My conversation with Deepali Sawlani brought some lights into the question. As a jewellery blogger I am in a constant lookout for my next wonder, something of an unparalleled creation that makes me feel ecstatic, but we are quite often forget that the wonders come with undiscovered secrets or one can never think that one unscrupulous jewellery trader can be a reason for someone to change a career and begin journey in jewellery making."