From a $6.6bn portfolio as co-investment manager at Dell HQ to diamond dealer and designer at Garden of Diamonds and Simply Rocks, Deepali Sawlani’s journey is a story of passion—and it all starts with one unscrupulous diamond dealer.

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Already successful in a high-flying career, Deepali’s passion for rare and precious stones led her to unknowingly purchase an uncertified diamond, for over twice it’s value. As she flew across the world from Dubai to the United States, she got talking to a Hong Kong jewellery dealer, who told her that she had a calling—and that she could make her passion for diamonds her career. And also advised Deepali to enrol at GIA, the finest authority in diamond grading.
These two meetings—each very different in tenor, changed the course of her life. Combined with the world-changing events of 9/11, she left behind the world of finance forever and enrolled into a Graduate Gemologist diploma course in California.


Disappointed at the unethical behaviour of the diamond dealer and given new hope by a chance meeting with the Hong Kong business woman, Deepali threw herself into studies, gaining deeper insight and love for the dazzling gems that surrounded her.

After obtaining her gemmology diploma at GIA (Carlsbad, California), she returned to Dubai in order to work as an undercover CID agent, exposing unscrupulous dealers selling garnets as rubies—and worse. However, her recognisability meant she would not be suitable for the position, leaving her seeking a new way to fulfil her passion and her dream.

This new way emerged in 2005, when Deepali took her passion for gemology and married it with her knowledge from her previous career, founding Simply Rocks. The idea was simple: to reject “one-size-fits-all” identikit jewellery in favour of pieces that celebrate the natural beauty of the gems themselves, all while providing a highly personalized touch so often missing in the modern world of jewellery.

When living in Melbourne, Australia from 2011 - 2016, Deepali realized that there was an increasing demand for diamond solitaire jewels. After establishing herself as a diamond and jewellery designer, she founded Garden of Diamonds with one goal: to source beautiful rare diamonds right from the source and to make the diamonds as memorable as the occasions they were celebrating.

Today, Deepali’s passion is her career, and she provides a customized service that celebrates the natural beauty of the gemstones and diamonds that she uses in her work. This passion is reflected in the unique designs that she creates, which centre around the unique properties of each rock for bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Deepali Sawlani